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you can still send telegrams!

Althoughtelegraph The Western Union Telegraph Company suspended it’s telegram service in February 2006 you can still send telegrams. There are a few companies that have picked up where Western Union left off.

The American Telegram Company will send hand delivered same day, next day telegrams as well as mail grams. The American Telegram Company was also given the “Grant of Authority” by the FCC for telegraph traffic.

International Telegram will send hand delivered telegrams worldwide and usually delivered within 24 hours. 

Send Telegram will send hand delivered telegrams world wide and usually delivered within 24 hours.  If it matters to you, is now using FTCC’s historic telegraphic country prefix.

Telegram Stop will send telegrams via mail which are more of a novelty but will server the purpose with proper planning on your part.

Just a note, sending a telegram is not a cheap endeavor, you can expect a 25 word hand delivered telegram to cost in the neighborhood to $50.00.

Forms Suggested for Telegraphic Messages

Forms Suggested for Telegraph Messages

Forms Suggested for Telegraph Messages;
Appropriate to New Year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday’s, Weddings, and Births of Children. Also Messages of Condolence and Congratulatory Messages to School or College Graduates and Public Men.

A wonderful little booklet, ca. 1930, from The Western Union Telegraph Company.


THE composition of a well-worded, concise and pertinent telegram may easily be a matter of some small difficulty. It is therefore hoped that the conventional telegrams on the following pages may be found useful to our patrons in suggesting to them forms appropriate to the various occasions for which they are designed. They are naturally suggestions only, to be changed and modified according to the personal taste of the individual. The longer forms can be sent most cheaply as Night Letters or Day Letters. A NIGHT LETTER of fifty words, for instance, can be sent for the cost of a ten-word full rate message; i.e., from 24 cents to $1.20, according to the distance. There is no limit to the length of a Night Letter; just remember that you can always send five times as many words as in a full-rate telegram, and at the same cost. A DAY LETTER of fifty words, for instance, can be sent for one and one-half times the cost of a ten-word full rate message; i.e., from 36 cents to $1.80, according to the distance. There is no limit to the length of a Day Letter. The rates for Cable Letters and Cable Week-End Letters can be obtained by inquiry at any of our offices. Rates are surprisingly reasonable; for instance, a 20-word Week-End Letter can be sent from New York City to London for $1.00; only 5 cents a word.


To read more click here to have a look inside.

How to Write Telegrams Properly

How To Write Telegrans Properly

LITTLE BLUE BOOK NO. 459 Edited by E. Haldeman-Julius HOW TO WRITE TELEGRAMS PROPERLY by Nelson E. Ross Copyright 1928

Just came across this little booklet on “How to Write Telegrams Properly.” A small book of just 30 pages published in 1928, start off “The extraordinary expansion of the telegraph companies of the United States during the last two decades and the constantly increasing volume of their traffic are proof that the American people are utilizing the telegraph today as never before in history.” To think less then a hundred years ago this was the fastest method of communication.

If you are so inclined you can read “How to Write Telegrams Properly,” in pdf format here

theory #106

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Useless Information (Bit 1)

Gilligan’s Island
(from left to right)
Russell Johnson – Professor Roy Hinkley, Jr.
Dawn Wells – Mary Ann Summers.
Bob Denver – Gilligan
Tina Louise – Ginger Grant
Jim Backus – Thurston Howell III
Natalie Schafer – Eunice Wentworth ‘Lovey’ Howell
Alan Hale Jr. – Jonas Grumby (The Skipper)

Leave It To Beaver
Ward Cleaver was an accountant.