you can still send telegrams!

Althoughtelegraph The Western Union Telegraph Company suspended it’s telegram service in February 2006 you can still send telegrams. There are a few companies that have picked up where Western Union left off.

The American Telegram Company will send hand delivered same day, next day telegrams as well as mail grams. The American Telegram Company was also given the “Grant of Authority” by the FCC for telegraph traffic.

International Telegram will send hand delivered telegrams worldwide and usually delivered within 24 hours. 

Send Telegram will send hand delivered telegrams world wide and usually delivered within 24 hours.  If it matters to you, is now using FTCC’s historic telegraphic country prefix.

Telegram Stop will send telegrams via mail which are more of a novelty but will server the purpose with proper planning on your part.

Just a note, sending a telegram is not a cheap endeavor, you can expect a 25 word hand delivered telegram to cost in the neighborhood to $50.00.

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