Dear Sir or Madam; The Max Letters

Max has been writing letter for years. Many of them are boring academic ramblings or “how’s the family” letters to friends and colleagues. Recently, while helping Max rearrange his home office we came across a box labeled “Office Junk” where we found hidden a collection of several hundred letters written to companies across North America asking for help and advice to make their product or service work the way it is advertised. The letters paint a humorous picture of Dr. Oberon’s life as they describe the predicaments his wife, known only as Mrs. Oberon, and there dog Roxy get into. Not only did the box contain the letters of Dr. Oberon but the equally humorous replies of customer service representatives trying to assist Max in correcting problems and offering suggestions or apologies.


Roxy after leading Mrs. Oberon on a day of adventures. Taken by Max Oberon Ph.D. with his Poloroid One Step instant camera.

We have sorted through hundreds of letters and put together a truly unique collection of letters and replies for this volume to give you the insight and allow you to fully appreciate Dr. Max Oberon, his wife, Mrs. Oberon and their dog, Roxy.


Dear Sir or Madam

A box of Dear Sir or Madam

“Dear Sir or Madam; The Max Letters” has gone to press and will be released on November 25, 2016. Order your copy of “Dear Sir or Madam; The Max Letters” now by clicking on the button below;

Dear Sir or Madam; The Max Letters

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