Table of Contents

The Table of Contents for Dear Sir or Madam; The Max Letters.


Chapter One – Food Stuff

  • Pilsbury (Faulty Totino’s Pizza Rolls)
  • Swanson Frozen Foods (TV Dinners for Roxy)
  • Ryan Milk Company (Crying Over Spilt Cream)
  • Kraft (I Have Enough Juice Glasses)
  • Ore Ida (Bagle Bites Toping Won’t Stay in Place)
  • Compass Foods (Your Pizza Rolls Ooze Too)
  • Wonder Bread (Can You Make Wonder Bread In A Bread Maker)

Chapter Two – Appliances

  • Hamilton Beach (Do It All Machine)
  • Toastmaster (Fire in the Toaster)
  • Fantom (Roxy’s Tail)
  • HP (Phantom Lines)
  • Dell (Help from the Jehova Witness Ladies Club)
  • Chapter Three – Travel
  • The Equinox Hotel (I Want To Spent The Night At The Inn At Willow Pond)
  • The Inn at Willow Pond (Will Be Full The Pond Full In The Spring)
  • Ramada Inn Qubec (What Happens if Qubec Secedes)
  • Provo City Water (Mrs. Oberon Lost Her Wedding Ring)
  • American Airlines (Roxy On A Plane)
  • Toronto (Building a Town)
  • Texas  (Building a Town)

Chapter Four – Miscelanous

  • Polaroid (Disposal)
  • Oxford Press (Dictionary On Tape)
  • Mutual of Omaha (Du du duuuu du What Happened To Marlin Perkins)
  • Dixon (Tug On Her Nose Ring)
  • Radio Broadcast Ministries (Our Daily Bread, What No Recipes)
  • Radio Broadcast Ministries (Mackerel, Still No Recipies)
  • Radio Broadcast Ministries (Maybe Drum, But I Still Say Mackerel)

Chapter Four – Unanswered

  • Windsor Star (Dog Food Recipies)
  • Colorado Pen Company (The Ink Stain Looks Like The Virgin Mary)
  • Smart Transportation (Bad Bus)
  • Nike (Just Do So)

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